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The stadium property in Mission Valley is the largest developable site in the city and is publicly owned. It represents a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve a spectacular outcome for all concerned – SDSU, the Mission Valley community, and the city as a whole.

Given these benefits, C-3 and several coalition partners have urged the Mayor and City to conduct open discussions with the public over the terms of sale. C-3 and its coalition partners believe that such discussions should have occurred even before the start of the initiative campaigns that led to the city being required to sell the property to SDSU.

More transparency is needed in the sale negotiation process to ensure the City truly benefits from this opportunity. At the very least, C-3 wants to ensure that final sales terms include such priorities as: 

  • Enforcing commitments made by SDSU beyond the explicit terms of the initiative, such as actually building the portion of San Diego River Park within the site
  • Ensuring that redevelopment of the site will be consistent with the Mission Valley Community Plan, the City’s Climate Action Plan, site plans previously presented by the San Diego River Park Foundation, and other relevant planning documents, to integrate the project into the surrounding community
  • Addressing housing needs by including the maximum feasible amount of affordable housing units
  • Requiring that redevelopment of the site fully connect to multiple transportation options serving Mission Valley as a whole
  • Recognizing the proximity of the project to the San Diego River and maximizing connectivity to the river
  • Maximizing inclusion of sustainable design and development features

If the process continues in a private manner, behind closed doors, any resulting transaction may be tainted with suspicions that it constitutes a “sweetheart deal” not necessarily serving the public interest. Yet, whatever is developed on the site presumably will remain there for generations to enjoy. 

A more open process, involving both the public and the City Council, will ensure that such development will be a public asset now and for future generations. 

C-3 has continuously requested an opportunity to engage the public on this vital issue. As such, we will continue to work as a stakeholder in SDSU's planning process and engage the Mayor and City Councilmembers on key decisions.


C-3 convened meetings of 10 organizations on August 19th and September 4th as C3's SDSU West Advisory Committee to discuss review and comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the SDSU West project. The organizations attending will collectively submit comments on the DEIR before the October 3rd deadline.

Working Committee Members

Cary Lowe, Principal, Mediation & Facilitation Services 

Roger Lewis, Urban Entrepreneur 

Jonathan Frankel, Chair, Mission Valley Community Planning Group

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