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C-3 has endorsed the Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside Initiative (Yes on SOS), which will be on the March 3, 2020 ballot (Presidential Primary). The initiative requires a county-wide public vote to approve large-scale residential development projects proposed in the rural and semi-rural areas of the unincorporated area. Such a vote would only be triggered if the development project receives approval by the Board of Supervisors through an amendment to the General Plan. The initiative's main purpose is to honor the intent of the County of San Diego General Plan by concentrating growth in existing towns and villages and thereby protecting areas designated for rural, low density development.

The goals of the initiative are complementary to C-3’s long standing values of supporting sound planning practices, protecting environmentally sensitive lands, and preventing further sprawl.

C-3’s Sustainable Paradise, which was printed in 2013 as a companion to the 1974 seminal planning document Temporary Paradise, outlines a similar vision for growth based on the  principle of building compact development in urban areas and rural villages as a way to better protect the region's natural landscape.

The County General Plan allows for the construction of approximately 65,000 housing units, without the need for any amendments. In recent years, developers, such as those involved in the Lilac Hills Ranch and Newland Sierra projects, among others, have proposed amendments to the County General Plan that would re-zone rural land (or create Specific Plans) for thousands of residential units at densities much higher than the General Plan currently permits. Approval of these development projects would contribute to traffic congestion (no transit is planned to serve these areas), reduce the availability of farmland, allow more housing in high risk fire areas, and place a burden on public services (fire and police) and infrastructure (county roads) beyond the current plan.

C-3 supports the planning principle that growth in the unincorporated area be accommodated in locations designated in the current plan, not in areas that require major plan amendments. C-3 is supporting the initiative as a means to help achieve that vision.

The Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside website provides more information about the initiative and ways to get involved or to provide financial support to the campaign.


Watch the film from the January 22 luncheon we cohosted with League of Women Voters: 

Smart Growth and Voter Power

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