C3 Urges Mayor Faulconer to Give Public a Voice on the Stadium

Dear Mayor Faulconer:

The undersigned organizations, seeking the best possible future for the Mission Valley stadium site, request that the pending negotiations between the City of San Diego and San Diego State University be modified to incorporate broad public input.

This property is the largest developable site in the city, and is publicly owned. As such, it represents a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve a spectacular outcome for all concerned – SDSU, the Mission Valley community, and the city as a whole. Prior to commencing negotiations over sale of the property, the city should conduct open discussions with the public over the terms of sale. Indeed, such discussions should have occurred even before the start of the initiative campaigns that led to the city being required to sell the property to SDSU.

Notwithstanding the requirement for sale to SDSU, it is not too late for public engagement. More transparency is needed in the sale negotiation process. Like any real estate negotiation, there is ample opportunity for negotiation of terms beyond the sale price. At the very least, we want to ensure that those terms include such priorities as:

(i) enforcing commitments made by SDSU beyond the explicit terms of the initiative, such as   actually building the portion of San Diego River Park within the site;

(ii) ensuring that redevelopment of the site will be consistent with the Mission Valley Community Plan, the city’s Climate Action Plan, site plans previously presented by the San Diego River Park Foundation, and other relevant planning documents, to integrate the project into the surrounding community;

(iii) addressing housing needs by including the maximum feasible amount of affordable housing units;

(iv) requiring that redevelopment of the site fully connect to multiple transportation options serving Mission Valley as a whole;

(v) recognizing the proximity of the project to the San Diego River and maximizing connectivity to the river; and

(vi) maximizing inclusion of sustainable design and development features.

Currently, it appears that negotiations are planned to be conducted entirely behind closed doors, with no opportunity for input by the public, or even by the City Council and other officials. If the process continues in this manner, any resulting transaction may be tainted with suspicions that it constitutes a “sweetheart deal” not necessarily serving the public interest.

Whatever is developed on the site presumably will remain there for generations to come. A more open process, involving both the public and the City Council, will ensure that such development will be a public asset now and for future generations.

We urgently request an opportunity to engage the public on this vital issue, and therefore ask to be advised of an appropriate contact in your office through whom we may communicate about this.

Thank you for your consideration.


The Mission Valley Coalition

C3, Environment + Design Council, San Diego League of Women Voters, and Congress for New Urbanism California Chapter

Distributed: Thursday, March 28, 2019

Read separate letter submitted by AIA San Diego and San Diego Green Building Council.



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