October Breakfast Dialogue: The Economic Value of Ecosystems in Mission Bay Park

  • Thursday, October 25, 2018
  • 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Balboa Park ~ The Loggia Room in the House of Hospitality ~ Above The Prado Restaurant


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Conservation and Environmental Economics

The Economic Value of Ecosystems in Mission Bay Park

At our October Breakfast Dialogue, C-3 is proud to welcome guest speaker Andy Drumm, an Ecotourism Specialist with expertise in conservation and environmental economics, to speak about the benefits of ecotourism and how they apply to the revitalization 

of Mission Bay Park.

San Diego’s Mission Bay Park is at a crossroads, offering what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preserve and connect San Diegans to nature and create a vibrant ecotourism destination.

Since its early days, the vision for Mission Bay Park has focused on providing San Diegans and visitors with a recreational aquatic park. With its many amenities, open spaces and smaller parks within the greater area, it has become one of only a handful of regional parks serving greater San Diego.

In 2015, the City launched an effort to update the vision for DeAnza Cove, a large park in the northeast corner of Mission Bay. A successful revitalization of DeAnza Cove depends on respecting and cultivating existing ecosystems within the Cove and across the Bay to strengthen the health and vitality of each.

Several local stakeholders, including beautifulPB and the PB EcoDistrict, have recommended to the City to reevaluate the vision as an EcoDistrict framework for the future of the entire Mission Bay Park and its surrounding areas, to connect to Fiesta Island, Kendall-Frost Preserve, Rose Creek, the San Diego River, and the Mid Coast Trolley line. This vision would redefine recreational uses, generate funding and protect this unique natural environment. The priority of this framework is to ensure connectivity in protecting the natural environment supported by the economics of ecotourism, mobility and housing for the future of San Diegans and our visitors.

Join us in October to hear how ecotourism can succeed at Mission Bay to foster connections and generate needed revenue, while prioritizing the protection of the Bay’s natural resources.

Andy Drumm

Andy Drumm has over 20 years of experience working as an entrepreneur and specialist in conservation, ecotourism, sustainable tourism, and sustainable development. He specializes in sustainable tourism policy and planning; biodiversity; protected areas conservation; financial sustainability; threat reduction; capacity building; and product development. He will speak to optimizing tourism benefits for the environment, local people and sustainable economic development and is the author of many publications on these issues.

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